Best hotel booking app in india 2023

Best hotel booking app in india 2023

India is an intriguing place to visit because of its rich history, stunning scenery, & diverse cultural heritage. On the other hand, one of the most crucial travel considerations is finding suitable lodging. In the digital era, where convenience is king, having the best hotel booking app in India in 2023 would significantly enhance your vacation experience. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or planning your first trip to India, this in-depth guide will introduce you to the best hotel booking software that can ease your vacations.

Couples’ favourite hotel booking app in India, 2023

“Couples Getaway” is one of the most well-liked hotel booking apps in India in 2023. Due to its specialised features and services created especially for couples looking for romantic holidays, this app has greatly increased in popularity. Couples Getaway has emerged as the go-to option for couples looking for memorable and intimate stays because of its user-friendly design and variety of possibilities.

Key characteristics:

Listings for Couples:

Couples Getaway provides a selection of hotels, resorts, and boutique lodgings that have a reputation for being romantic. Details of the facility, available rooms, amenities, and neighbouring attractions are provided in each listing.

Privacy and intimacy are given first priority by the app, allowing couples to enjoy their time together without being bothered. It highlights amenities with private entrances, secluded villas, and exclusive amenities.

Packages for a romantic getaway are available on the app, and they include amenities like candlelight dinners, spa treatments for two, hotel decorations, and more. These packages improve couples’ entire romantic experience.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Couples who have used the app before can give reviews and ratings to assist other couples in making wise booking choices.

Instant Booking:

Couples can use the app to make an instant reservation for their favourite lodging. Additionally, they can examine current availability, contrast costs, and send secure payments.

Couples Getaway offers round-the-clock customer service to help with reservations, cancellations, and any other questions that couples may have.

Inspiration for Travel:

For couples looking to discover new, romantic spots in India, the app provides destination guides & travel advice. It makes recommendations for leisure pursuits, tourist attractions, & local experiences that suit the tastes of couples.

Secure & Reliable:

The app makes sure that data is protected & that payment gateways are secure, providing couples piece of mind when transacting.

Wishlist Function:

To make future holiday planning simpler, couples can make a Wishlist of their preferred lodgings & locations.

Advanced algorithms are used by Couples Getaway to provide personalised recommendations that are based on couples’ tastes, spending limits, & previous reservations.

Couple’s Getaway has become synonymous with romantic retreats in India, giving amazing experiences & assisting couples in creating lasting memories, whether they are celebrating anniversaries, honeymoons, or simply want to spend quality time together.

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Which Indian app is the best for booking hotels?


MakeMyTrip is one of the top online travel agencies in India and provides a variety of services, such as flight and hotel bookings. It offers a user-friendly design and frequently has different discounts and offers.


Another well-liked travel app in India, Goibibo is renowned for its aggressive pricing, offers, and rewards programme. It provides hotel reservations for both domestic and foreign stays.

Clear trip:

Cleartrip is renowned for its user-friendly booking interface. It offers details on numerous lodging choices and frequently includes traveler-specific discounts.

OYO Rooms:

If you’re searching for inexpensive lodging, OYO Rooms specialises in providing uniformed, reasonable rooms around India. They have a booking app of their own.


A metasearch engine that compares hotel rates from numerous booking websites, despite not being a booking app in and of itself. They can assist you in locating the greatest offers on several platforms.

Despite being a global platform, provides a large selection of hotels around India. It is renowned for its numerous options and customer testimonials.

Booking flights, lodging, and other travel-related services are all available on the comprehensive travel website Yatra.

Keep in mind that the perfect app for you will rely on your individual needs and tastes. To find the app that best suits your travel needs is a good idea to study, review, evaluate costs, and investigate features. Furthermore, given that my data is based on information that is accessible until September 2021, I recommend checking more recent sources or app stores for the latest updates and user reviews to make an informed decision.

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top 10 hotel reservation apps

Certainly! Ten of the most well-liked hotel booking applications are listed below, as of my most recent information update in September 2021: is a well-known app with a huge global range of hotels and lodging options.

Expedia is renowned for its full range of travel services, which include accommodation, air travel, and vehicle rentals.

Has a wide selection of hotel alternatives and offers frequent visitors a loyalty programme.


Known throughout Asia and beyond, Agoda offers a wide variety of lodging options and frequently offers special discounts.


Although it is not a platform for making reservations, Trivago assists users in comparing hotel rates from different sources.

Airbnb is renowned for its distinctive assortment of individual lodgings, which includes homes, apartments, and one-of-a-kind stays.

A significant participant in the Indian travel sector, MakeMyTrip provides hotel & airfare booking services.


Another Indian app renowned for its affordable rates & offers on hotel reservations.


Offers an easy-to-use app for arranging inexpensive stays & specialises in providing low-cost lodging.


Provides a variety of travel services, such as hotel reservations & vacation packages.

India’s top 10 hotel booking websites

Certainly! The top ten hotel booking websites in India are listed below, in no particular order:

MakeMyTrip is a comprehensive travel website that offers a large selection of hotels, from cheap to luxurious, as well as flights and vacation packages.


Known for its user-friendly interface and regular sales, Goibibo offers a wide selection of hotels in a range of price points.


With a focus on price and quality across its chain of hotels, OYO, which specialises in affordable lodging, offers a consistent experience.

Clear trip:

Clear trip is a well-liked option among travellers due to its simple platform that makes it simple for users to search for and book hotels, flights, and activities.


In addition to providing a large selection of lodging options and travel services, Yatra frequently offers consumers exclusive offers and bundles.


With a concentration on low-cost boutique hotels, Treebo guarantees comfortable and economical rooms for travellers.

The curated range of hotels at Fab Hotels is known for its affordable options and focuses on quality and service.

An international website that provides a wide range of hotels in India, along with visitor reviews and adaptable booking alternatives.


Although it is not a booking site in and of itself, Trivago compiles hotel listings from several booking platforms, making it simple for consumers to compare costs and possibilities.


With a significant presence in the Asian market, Agoda offers a range of hotels in India, frequently at affordable rates and with special offers.

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greatest American hotel reservation app

In the USA, there are a number of well-liked hotel booking applications that provide travellers with excellent features and selections. Listed below are some of the top hotel booking applications as of my most recent update in September 2021:

The popular app provides a variety of lodging options, including hotels and vacation rentals. It frequently offers affordable prices and has a simple user interface.


Expedia serves as a one-stop shop for all of your travel needs by enabling you to book hotels, flights, and rental cars. It regularly provides package deals that can help you save money. is well-known for its loyalty programme, which entitles customers to free nights after making a certain number of reservations.

Although Kayak is better known for flight searches, it also provides hotel booking services. It enables price comparison across several sources, making it simpler to locate the greatest offer.


Priceline enables hotel room bidding, which can result in large savings. It has a somewhat unusual methodology and might be very helpful for tourists looking for discounts.

If you prefer to stay at Hilton properties, you can quickly book rooms, accrue rewards, and manage your reservations using their dedicated app.

If you stay at Marriott hotels frequently, you should download their app, Marriott Bonvoy. It provides simple bookings, tracking of rewards, and exclusive member prices.


Although it’s not just a hotel booking app, Airbnb provides a variety of interesting accommodations, including houses, apartments, and rooms in addition to traditional hotels.


Known for its comprehensive coverage of Asia, Agoda also provides an excellent selection of lodging options in the USA, frequently at affordable rates.

Travel Advisor:

In addition to offering ratings and suggestions, TripAdvisor’s app also enables you to make direct hotel reservations.

The best hotel booking apps for single couples

Unmarried couples can easily reserve hotels thanks to a number of apps. Remember that policies can differ depending on the area and the business, so it’s wise to double-check the terms and conditions of each hotel before making a reservation. Consider some of these well-known apps:

OYO Rooms:

OYO is renowned for its extensive selection of inexpensive lodging options that typically permit unmarried couples to remain. Accommodations that are “couple-friendly” can be expressly filtered out of search results.

Stay Uncle:

The company specialises in housing single couples. They have agreements with hotels that welcome couples and offer a relaxing stay.


This app provides a variety of lodging options & frequently indicates whether or not they are appropriate for single couples. They also offer user reviews, which might aid in decision-making.


Like Goibibo, MakeMyTrip allows you to filter hotels to find those that are appropriate for single couples & offers thorough information on the amenities.

Booking hotels with Clear Trip filters for single couples makes it simpler to locate suitable accommodations.

Another network of low-cost lodgings that typically accepts unmarried couples is Fab Hotels. For simple bookings, they feature a user-friendly app.

Treebo Hotels:

Treebo provides a range of inexpensive lodging options that frequently welcome unmarried couples. Their app offers details about services, rules, and more.

Although it is not a site exclusively for single people travelling together, does allow users to search for lodgings that are “couples-friendly.” Hotels with lenient rules are frequently available.

Another website where you can find hotels that accept unmarried couples is Agoda. They provide a variety of lodging choices.

To make sure you are aware of the hotel’s regulations respecting unmarried couples, keep in mind that it is crucial to read the terms and conditions before making a reservation. It can also be helpful to clarify the hotel’s policies by calling them directly before arrival.

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Which hotel reservation app in India is the best in 2023?

MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, OYO, and Trivago are a few of the well-liked choices.

How can I get a hotel reservation app?

A hotel booking app can be downloaded through the app store for your device, such as the Apple App shop or Google Play Store.

Can I use these applications to make hotel reservations across many cities?

Yes, you may reserve hotels in a variety of Indian cities using the majority of hotel booking applications.

Are these applications’ pricing reasonable when compared to alternative ways to make reservations?

In general, yes. These apps frequently provide affordable prices and exclusive offers.

Are there hotel reviews & ratings available on these apps?

Yes, these applications typically offer user ratings & reviews to aid in your decision-making.

Additional FAQs

Can I make a reservation for a cheap hotel using these apps?

Yes, a lot of these applications provide a variety of lodging choices, including inexpensive motels.

Is it secure to use these applications to make payments?

Apps for booking hotels that are reliable use secure payment gateways to guarantee the security of your transactions.

Can I change or cancel my reservation using these apps?

Yes, the majority of applications let you change or cancel reservations, though different apps may have different cancellation procedures.

Are there any rewards or loyalty schemes for using these applications repeatedly?

Yes, several applications include loyalty programmes that provide you benefits & discounts for making repeat reservations.

Do these apps offer round-the-clock customer service?

Customer assistance is available in many apps, although the availability may vary.

Additional FAQs

Can I use these applications to compare hotel prices?

Yes, these applications typically contain a feature that allows you to compare hotel rates and facilities.

What kind of user interface has it got? Is it simple to use?

The majority of current hotel booking apps offer intuitive user interfaces that make finding your way around simple.

Can I reserve other types of lodging, such as guesthouses or holiday rentals?

Yes, some applications provide a number of lodging options besides conventional motels.

Are there any unstated costs I need to be aware of?

Even though the majority of apps are upfront regarding fees, it’s a good idea to check the booking information for any potential hidden fees.

To receive the greatest deals, how far in advance should I make my reservations using these apps?

Although making reservations far in advance can frequently result in cheaper prices, several applications can provide last-minute savings for intrepid travellers.


In conclusion, the hotel booking app market in India in 2023 is thriving & competitive, providing travellers with a quick & easy way to locate and reserve lodging. With so many options available, it’s critical to pick an app that matches your unique interests & needs. Popular options include MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, OYO, & Trivago, each of which provides a variety of features like competitive pricing, user reviews, flexible booking adjustments, & safe payment options.

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