How to track call | Top 10 call tracking software in india

How to track call | Top 10 call tracking software in india

Call tracking has become a crucial tool for organisations to understand client behaviour, gauge the success of marketing campaigns, & tweak their tactics. Calls continue to be an important point of contact even as customers communicate with businesses through numerous media. But how can companies use call data to their advantage? You will have the information you need to choose call tracking software for your Indian business after reading this in-depth guide.

Top 10 free call tracking software in India for tracking calls

Consider taking the following actions if you want to trace calls utilising the top 10 free call tracking software alternatives in India:

Selection and research

Start by looking into the India-based call tracking software possibilities. Consider customer feedback, functionality, and suitability for your company’s requirements. List the top 10 services that provide free trials or plans.

Feature comparison

Compare the features each piece of software offers. Consider features like call recording, call statistics, call forwarding, tool integrations, and user-friendly interfaces.

Visit the websites of the chosen call tracking software and go through any available free trials or plans. Note the benefits and restrictions offered by these plans.

User Reviews:

To learn more about how each software is used, read user reviews and testimonials. You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of each choice by doing this.

Join and Test:

Enrol in the free trials or plans of the call tracking software that has been selected. This will enable you to practise using the tools and help you choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Analyse Analytics:

Pay close attention to the call analytics that each software offers. You can track parameters such as call duration, call source, and caller demographics with this.

Check if the call tracking software interfaces with other software solutions your company may be using. Your entire workflow can be improved by seamless integration.

Test each software’s user interface to see how simple it is to use. You’ll save time and have a more efficient tracking procedure with an intuitive interface.

service and Help Resources:

Consider the availability of FAQs, tutorials, and customer service alternatives, as well as how quickly they respond.

Choose the Best Fit:

After evaluating the available options, choose the call tracking software that best satisfies your company’s needs, offers the capabilities you desire, and gives a pleasurable user experience.

Keep in mind that while following these steps may aid in your decision-making, the best call tracking software for your company will ultimately depend on your unique requirements and tastes. Prior to choosing a free plan or trial, always make sure you are aware of the conditions and restrictions.

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How to track calls online using the top 10 call tracking programmes in India

You can take these techniques to get the top 10 call tracking software choices available in India online:

Use well-known search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to start. To find software possibilities, type in relevant keywords like “best call tracking tools in India” or “top call tracking software in India.”

Tech blogs and websites:

Look for reliable tech blogs, websites that review software, and websites that are relevant to your sector. Detailed evaluations and rankings of various software solutions are frequently available on websites like Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Software Suggest.

Check out tech-related forums and groups on social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Users frequently offer their insights and advice, making it possible for you to choose the best call tracking software.

Look up call tracking software reviews or lessons on YouTube. The benefits and drawbacks of various software options are frequently discussed in articles created by IT influencers and professionals.

Online Communities:

Look at sites like Stack Overflow and Quora. There may be posts or discussions on these platforms where users have requested recommendations for call tracking software.

Look for market research studies or industry papers that specifically address call tracking software. These studies frequently include information on market trends and leading companies.

Webcasts and Webinars:

To promote their goods, some software businesses hold webcasts and webinars. You can gain a thorough understanding of the various software solutions by attending these seminars.

Lists and Directories:

Some websites have curated lists or directories of software solutions. These lists may serve as an excellent place to begin your investigation.

Word of mouth:

Speak with coworkers, acquaintances, or businesspeople in your sector who may have knowledge about call tracking software. Personal referrals can be useful.

Read customer evaluations and ratings on sites like G2 Crowd, Trustpilot, and the App Store/Play Store after you’ve identified prospective software solutions. You can learn more about people’ actual experiences from this.

As you compare various call monitoring software alternatives, keep things like functionality, pricing, usability, customer service, and integration potential in mind. Every organisation has different needs, therefore it’s crucial to pick a software solution that fits your particular needs.

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the top android call tracking app

The “best” app, however, will rely on your own requirements and tastes. Here are a few well-liked choices:

Call Tracking Metrics:

For organisations, this app offers call statistics, call recording, and call tracking. Additionally, connectivity with other marketing platforms is provided.

Call Hub:

Call Hub specialises in call tracking for advocacy, political, and marketing efforts. Such functions as call forwarding, tracking, and reporting are available.

Despite being largely recognised for its business communication solutions, RingCentral also provides call monitoring services that can assist organisations in managing and tracking their calls.

Phone Tracker:

Call Tracker is a simpler solution that enables you to manage call logs, track calls, and view call history.

Google Assistant can screen incoming calls, record them, and provide real-time information about the caller before you answer thanks to a built-in feature in some Android devices called Google Call Screen.

True caller:

True caller is a well-known programme for blocking spam calls and detecting unknown callers. Additionally, it offers simple call tracking tools.

Keep in mind that the efficacy of these apps can change based on your requirements, the degree of tracking necessary, and the particular features you’re searching for. Read user reviews and look for any upgrades or new applications that have appeared since my previous update. Always make sure the app you select complies with your requirements for privacy and data security.

True caller

A well-known programme for caller ID and spam prevention is called True caller. By displaying the name or company linked to the phone number, it enables consumers to recognise incoming calls, even from unfamiliar numbers. This can be especially helpful in preventing shady calls and scams.

The database of True caller is created using a combination of user-contributed information, information from public directories, and collaborations with telecom providers. Users have the option to share their contacts with the app, which improves the identification process’s accuracy. Due to the fact that a third-party service is receiving contact information, this also poses some privacy issues.

In addition to caller ID, True caller provides functions including call blocking, spam reporting, and, in some areas, call recording. It’s accessible as a mobile app on many operating systems, including iOS and Android.

Although True caller can be a helpful tool for managing calls, users should be wary about the privacy consequences of disclosing their contact information and take the app’s terms of service and privacy policy into consideration before using it.

call hippo

You appear to have referenced “Call Hippo.” Call Hippo is a cloud-based virtual phone system that gives companies access to features like call forwarding, voicemail, and virtual phone numbers. Without the need for physical phone lines or equipment, businesses frequently use it to create a professional phone presence. Please feel free to ask about Call Hippo if you have any special queries or subjects you’d want to learn more about.

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You appear to have said “mspy.” The commercial software programme mSpy is frequently used for keeping tabs on and tracing computer and mobile activity. It’s vital to remember that using such software can involve violating someone’s privacy without their permission, which could generate ethical and legal issues.

Please feel free to submit more information if you have any specific questions or mSpy-related subjects you’d want to discuss. I’ll be happy to assist you within morally and legally acceptable bounds.

app call hippo

With features including virtual phone numbers, call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, and more, Call Hippo is a virtual phone system and communication platform. It is intended to assist businesses in efficiently managing their communication requirements, particularly with regard to client contacts and teamwork. Users can create virtual local or toll-free phone numbers in a variety of different countries, which can be forwarded to any device with an internet connection, including a computer or smartphone.

With capabilities like call analytics, call scheduling, and connectivity with other business tools like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, the Call Hippo app lets users place and receive calls from these virtual numbers. The application can assist companies in developing a professional image, enhancing customer service, and managing their communication workflows efficiently.

It’s important to note that my knowledge is based on details that were current as of September 2021, therefore the Call Hippo app may have undergone modifications or adjustments since then. I advise visiting the official Call Hippo website or consulting the appropriate app stores if you’re seeking for the most recent information.

call rail

Certainly! You appeared to have specified “Call Rail.” Call Rail is a platform for call tracking and analytics that aids firms in monitoring and reviewing phone call activity brought on by their marketing initiatives. Businesses can make strategic marketing decisions based on the information it gives about which marketing initiatives, keywords, and sources are generating phone calls. To further enhance their total client communication and lead generating processes, Call Rail also provides capabilities like call recording, call routing, and connectivity with other marketing tools. Are there any particular Call Rail-related questions you have?

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Call tracking – what is it?

Call tracking is a technique for keeping track of and examining phone conversations to ascertain their origins, the characteristics of callers, and the success of marketing activities.

Why is call logging crucial?

Call tracking enables companies to better identify which marketing initiatives lead to phone calls, to optimise campaigns, to allocate resources wisely, and to enhance customer satisfaction.

How does call monitoring operate?

Unique phone numbers are assign by call tracking to various marketing channels. Businesses can analyse the source and other information when customers contact these numbers because their data is gather when they do.

What advantages does call tracking offer?

Better lead generation, expanded customer insights, and the capacity to fine-tune marketing campaigns are among the advantages.

Is call tracing permissible?

Yes, as long as it complies with privacy laws and regulations, phone tracking is allow. It is advise to alert callers about tracking.

Additional FAQs

Can call tracking be use to track offline marketing?

The use of call monitoring for offline marketing is also possible. Give each offline campaign a separate phone number, then monitor the calls that result from it.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) is what.

DNI is a system that allows precise call source tracking by dynamically altering the phone number that is display on a website dependent on the visitor’s source.

How does SEO affect call tracking?

Call tracking numbers won’t undermine SEO efforts if it is implemented properly, such as by employing JavaScript-base techniques.

What call information is usually track?

Caller number, length, call recording, location, and the marketing source that brought the caller are all often track details.

Call tracking is compatible with other technologies, but how?

To centralise data and enhance analysis, call tracking can be integrate with CRM systems, analytics programmes, and marketing automation platforms.

Additional FAQs

What distinguishes call recording from call tracking?

Yes, although call recording entails capturing conversations for quality control and training, call tracking concentrates on tracking call origins and analytics.

Does phone tracking apply to all businesses?

companies that rely significantly on phone leads, such as service sectors and neighbourhood companies, can benefit especially from call tracking.

Exist any solutions for free call tracking?

Yes, some call tracking software has free, bare-bones options. Payment-based programmes typically offer more robust features.

How do I pick the best call tracking application?

Take into account aspects like usability, integrations, cost, analytics capabilities, and whether it meets your unique business demands.

Can I obtain call tracking information in real-time?

Yes, a lot of call tracking programmes provide real-time information on call volume, sources, and other crucial stats.


Finally, knowing how to track calls & using good call tracking software may greatly improve a company’s marketing plans and customer interactions. Businesses that use call monitoring can learn more about the origins of their incoming calls, evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns, & make data-driven decisions to improve their campaigns.

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