According to me, top 10 richest village of india Urban areas frequently spring to mind when we think of riches and opulence. India🇮🇳, on the other hand, is home to rural areas that have forged their own paths to wealth. These communities have prospered economically and are renowned for their independence, booming industry, and clever design.

The top 10 richest villages in India are examined in this article, along with their success stories and the elements that have contributed to their prosperity.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya:

Mawlynnong, which is tucked away in the Meghalaya state in the northeast, is frequently referred to be the “Cleanest Village in Asia.” Because of its natural🏞 beauty, eco-tourism has been successfully developed into a significant source of income for the area’s population.

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Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra:

This village in Maharashtra provides proof of the effectiveness of grassroots movements. Hiware Bazar has turned from a region that frequently experiences drought to one that is a shining example of success through water🌊 conservation and sustainable agriculture methods.

Punsari, Gujarat:

Punsari has become well-known for its cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure. The town serves as an example of how innovation may spur economic💵 growth with features like Wi-Fi, CCTV surveillance, and a solar-powered grid.

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Kadbanwadi, Maharashtra:

The secret to Kadbanwadi’s success is its emphasis on agro-based companies and organic farming. The communities’ dedication to sustainable methods has led to improved living conditions and a consistent income💵.

Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra:

Shani Shingnapur, which is renowned for its distinctive custom of having doorless houses🏠, depends on tourism to support its well-known Shani Temple. The wealth of the village is a result of donations from followers.

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Kadappuram, Kerala:

This seaside community has made economic use of its naturalnriches. Tourism, coir manufacturing, and fishing are essential for Kadappuram’s financial stability.

Achala, Rajasthan:

The success of Achala’s community has come to be largely attributed to its women. The local economy💵 has benefited from their interest in dairy farming, needlework, and handicrafts.

TOP 10 RICHEST VILLAGE OF INDIA: watching this video

Pothanikkad, Kerala:

Pothanikkad, sometimes known as the “Village of Books,” has a high percentage of literacy. The numerous libraries and book-related events in the community have fostered intellectual and economic💵 development.

Kadiri, Andhra Pradesh:

Kadiri’s wealth is largely attributed to its expertise in horticulture. The community makes a substantial amount of money💵 from the production of flowers, especially jasmine.

Devgaon, Maharashtra:

The farming methods used at Devgaon are a model for the area. Economic💵 stability has been achieved by agricultural diversification and the application of cutting-edge technology.


Are these communities totally independent?

Some villages, despite their economic prosperity, nevertheless depend on outside resources for some requirements.

How have these towns maintained their prosperity?

Continuous adaptation, financial support for education, and a readiness to accept change have all been significant factors.

Can visitors come to these villages?

Yes, many of these villages welcome visitors who are curious about their inspiring success stories and distinctive way of life.

These towns serve as models for rural development, right?

Absolutely. Their success stories encourage other rural areas to realize their potential and work toward long-term development.

What role do these communities have in the economy of the country?

They show how rural communities can prosper even though their contributions might not be as substantial on a national level.


What difficulties do these communities face?

Maintaining the delicate balance between tradition and advancement and making sure that growth benefits everyone in the community are among the challenges.

What are Kishor Parmar’s top ten richest villages in India?

Kokrebellur (Karnataka), Khetwadi (Maharashtra), Pothanikkad (Kerala), Dharnai (Bihar), Baldia (Gujarat), Punsari (Gujarat), and other villages are among the top 10 richest in India, according to Kishor Parmar.

Which ten Indian villages are the richest, according to

The top 10 wealthiest villages in India, according to, are Punsari (Gujarat), Maraog (Himachal Pradesh), Baldia (Gujarat), Hiware Bazar (Maharashtra), and Madhapar (Gujarat).

What standards were utilize to identify India’s richest villages?

Depending on the source, several variables may have been considere in determining India’s richest villages. Some sources might take into account things like infrastructure, infrastructure per capita, education, and healthcare.


Which Indian villages have the highest per capita income?

Depending on the source, the richest villages in India may have a different per capita income. Nevertheless, some of the top 10 villages recorded per capita earnings between Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 10,000.

What sectors of the economy do these villages rely on?

Depending on where these communities are, different industries may be important to their prosperity. Agriculture, tourism, and industry are a few of the sectors that have helped these settlements prosper.

How many people live in India’s richest villages?

Depending on the location, the population of India’s richest villages may change. There are between a few hundred and a few thousand people living in some of the settlements that made the top 10.

What percentage of Indian villages are literate?

Depending on the geography, the richest villages in India may have a different literacy rate. But many of these communities have reported having high literacy rates—some as high as 90%.

How well-developed is the infrastructure in India’s wealthiest villages?

Depending on the region, the infrastructure in India’s richest villages may differ. But many of these communities have reported having decent infrastructure, such as clean roads, power, and water supplies.


According to me, The richest villages in India serve as an example of the tremendous economic💵 potential of rural areas. These villages have changed the perception of rural wealth via innovation, environmentally friendly practices, and community cooperation.

Their experiences act as rays of hope, showing how tenacity, camaraderie, and inventiveness can change the face of rural India.

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