We’re going to talk to you about a tracking program today that can help you locate your misplaced gadget and use a map to make your way there. Here, we’re discussing the excellent device monitoring tool Google Find My Device.

If your Android tablet, phone, or wristwatch is lost or stolen, you can use the Google Find My Device app to locate it.This app has been downloaded by 100 million people from the Google Play Store. The application only has a 2MB size. 11.7 lakh reviews and a 4.4-star rating for this app.

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Features of Google Find My Device 

If your smartphone or device is lost or stolen, this app helps you to find it. Some of the very special features of this app are as follows: 

See on the map: You can see when your device is on the map, and if the current location is not available, your last known location can be seen. 

Track location: After viewing your location, you can view directions to your device and navigate accordingly. Indoor map: Use this feature to find out where your phone is inside a supermarket, airport or office. 

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Play sound: Tap this button and your phone will play at full volume, even if you or someone else has put it on silent mode.

How to use Google Find My Device to locate your phone This application can greatly alleviate many of your difficulties and is quite quick to utilize. Note: In order to use Gmail on your device, it needs to be turned on or signed in when using mobile data or Wi-Fi. Both Find My Device and GPS location should be turned on. The methods to using this app to find your phone or device are as follows:

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Here are the steps on how you can find your phone/device through this app

1: Install Google Find My Device app from Google Play Store. 

2: Open the app and sign in with your Gmail account or as a guest. 

3: After adding your Gmail password, you will see a map and your phone information on the scree

4: You can click on other buttons like play sound, secure device or erase device as per your requirement. 

5: Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen and click on ‘Secure Device’ to add a message to your phone’s lock screen.

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