Ayushman Bharat Scheme 2024

Launched by the Indian government in September 2018, the Ayushman Bharat Scheme 2024: Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) is a significant healthcare project. This program’s main goal is to give vulnerable and economically disadvantaged families financial security so they may afford high-quality healthcare.

આયુષ્માન ભારત યોજના 2024: પ્રધાન મંત્રી જન આરોગ્ય યોજના (PM-JAY), સપ્ટેમ્બર 2018 માં ભારત સરકાર દ્વારા શરૂ કરવામાં આવેલી એક મુખ્ય આરોગ્ય સંભાળ પહેલ તરીકે ઉભી છે. આ કાર્યક્રમનો પ્રાથમિક ઉદ્દેશ્ય નબળા અને આર્થિક રીતે વંચિત પરિવારોને નાણાકીય સુરક્ષા પ્રદાન કરવાનો છે, તેમને ઉચ્ચ-સ્તરની આરોગ્યસંભાળ સેવાઓની ઍક્સેસ આપવી.

Through this program, allied hospitals and healthcare providers across the country will provide cashless healthcare benefits worth up to Rs. 5 lakhs annually for each qualifying household. Known as one of the most influential health care programs in the world, it intends to provide healthcare to almost 50 crore Indians.

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A variety of healthcare services are covered under the PMJAY Scheme, such as diagnosis testing, physician consultations, and disease treatment. In addition, it includes costs associated with hospital stays in secondary and tertiary care, including ICU fees and related medical expenses.

What is Ayushman Card?

નેશનલ હેલ્થ ઓથોરિટી આયુષ્માન કાર્ડ જારી કરવાની જવાબદારી સંભાળે છે, જેને ABHA હેલ્થ કાર્ડ તરીકે પણ ઓળખવામાં આવે છે. આ કાર્ડની મદદથી, લોકો સમગ્ર ભારતમાં જાહેર અને ખાનગી હોસ્પિટલોના નેટવર્કમાં પ્રવેશ મેળવી શકે છે અને આ જોડાયેલી આરોગ્યસંભાળ સંસ્થાઓમાં કેશલેસ તબીબી સંભાળ અને હોસ્પિટલમાં રહેવાનો લાભ લઈ શકે છે.

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Key Advantages of Ayushman Bharat Card:

Financial Protection: Offers insurance coverage for specific medical treatments and hospitalization expenses, alleviating the financial burden on eligible families.

Cashless Healthcare: Enables beneficiaries to access cashless healthcare services at empaneled hospitals, eliminating upfront payments for eligible treatments and services.

Coverage for a Wide Range of Treatments: Encompasses surgeries, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, medications, and post-hospitalization care, ensuring comprehensive healthcare support.

Coverage for the Whole Family: Typically provides coverage on a family floater basis, allowing all eligible family members to benefit from a single card.

Portability: Benefits are portable, enabling beneficiaries to access healthcare services at any empaneled hospital or healthcare facility across India.

No Age Limit: No age limit for beneficiaries, ensuring coverage for both children and senior citizens.

No Cap on Family Size: Usually, there is no cap on the number of family members covered, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Digital Services: In some states, digital services are available, allowing beneficiaries to download an electronic version (e-Ayushman Card) for convenient digital access.

Access to Quality Healthcare: Encourages beneficiaries to seek treatment at empaneled hospitals, ensuring access to quality healthcare services.

Reduced Out-of-Pocket Expenses: Helps reduce out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, providing significant relief, especially for low-income families.

Universal Health Coverage: Aims to provide universal health coverage and improve access to healthcare services, particularly for economically vulnerable sections of society.

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How to Apply for the Ayushman Card:

Visit the Official Website: Go to the official Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY website, ensuring you are on the correct portal based on your state.

Find the ‘Apply Now’ Section: Look for the section allowing you to apply for the Ayushman Card, often labeled as “Apply Now” or similarly.

Provide Necessary Information: Complete the application form with accurate details, including personal information, family details, income details, and other relevant data.

Upload Supporting Documents: Scan and upload necessary supporting documents, such as proof of identity, residence, income certificates, and other required documents.

Submit the Application: Once all required information and documents are uploaded, submit the application through the online portal.

Application Review: Authorities will review the submitted application, and this process may take some time.

Receive Ayushman Card: If the application is approved, the Ayushman Card will be sent to the provided address.

Download e-Ayushman Card (Optional): In some states, a digital version (e-Ayushman Card) can be downloaded from the official website for convenient digital access.

Utilizing the Ayushman Card:

Download Ayushman Card Online: Visit pmjay.gov.in and select the “Download Ayushman Card” option.

Enter Aadhar Card Number: Enter your Aadhar Card Number and proceed by entering the OTP received.

Review and Download: Review the digital copy of your Ayushman Card and proceed to download it.

Print Hard Copy: Print a hard copy for use when seeking cashless treatment at impaneled hospitals.

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